Monday, April 2, 2012

Ahhhhh, Bach

The Bach Festival is in full swing. It kicked off Friday night with beginning strings and students. I, of course, will post the highlights here. I was sure proud of my beginning strings. It is hard to perform in front of people. Nerves kick in. Personally, I find myself wondering why I practiced so hard if everything I worked for flies out the window the minute my hands hit my instrument. But when I watch my kids, I think, "This is good for us." It's ok to work and work and work and not reach perfection. Bobo wrote a "What If" poem as an assignment in her English Class. I thought I would share it in this well as a couple videos from the first night of the Bach Festival.

What If

 Tashiya Runs Through

What if poems
Wrote themselves
What would all the poets do

 Poets would become musicians

What if instruments
Played themselves
What would all the musicians do

 Musicians would become artists

What if paintings
Just appeared
 What would all the artists do

 Artists would become scientists 

What if inventions
Fell from the sky
What would all the scientists do

 Scientists would grow bored

 And if boredom
Ceased to be
 Bored people could
Write poems, Play music
Make art and Discover

 Just as every person should

1 comment:

  1. Bobo's poem is so great. So succint, so clever, and so circular. I loved it.

    I didn't know you played the harpsichord! Amazing! It sounded great. Joe is fantatic.

    And look at Bobo playing the cello (her form looks great)! And Naji, too! Nice bow tie!

    I wish I had had 7 children so I could still be making them play! I'm so proud of your kids! Joan, I wonder what you'd do if you has some spare time!