Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fair Warning

I've had a couple of complaints that I cover events after they happen but never give notice that they are going to happen. So here's my notification. The organ recital for the Dixie State College of Utah organ students (of which I am one) is scheduled for Saturday the 28th of April at 7:00 at the St. George Tabernacle.

If you want to know more about what kind of organist I am, you can visit the SALSA (Society of Awesome Latter-dat Saint Accompanists) Pedal Points blog. This week's questionnaire features me. Here is the link,


  1. Joan, I loved your SALSA article. That was SO moving! I love you. Thanks for sharing with us. Your journey is so unique and so beautiful. You truly have a gift of music--and you also know how to tell a good story!

  2. Your story made me cry. Thankfully, you were able to turn a tragic event into something positive.