Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bonus Post

I sure am lucky the kids love their missing brother. That's the only way I get them to let me film them. (i.e. "Your Brother would love to see this.") So here ya' go brother, proof that the girls miss and support you.

PS we all <3 you online

Happy Birthday

The Princess Bride, have you seen it?
It’s possibly the best show on the planet
For 25 years you’ve been taking it for “granite”
Shakespeare’s rhyme scheme it

Doesn’t have, but it does have
Pirates and Princesses
Giants, Sicilians and ROUSes

And Fighting, Kissing, Reciting,
Magicking, Running and Deceiting
 Happy 25th Birthday Buttercup

(anybody want a peanut?)

Maybe to celebrate I should learn this song :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stages of Performance Anxiety

Last week I wrote briefly on the stages children go through. This week I thought I would mention the steps I have noticed them take when preparing to perform.

Stage One: Pie in the Sky. During this stage, the opportunity is key. It is full of hope ambition and anticipation. (e.g. "We're singing solos in a couple of weeks in choir -- I get to sing!")

Stage Two: Brain Storming. This is a fun filled stage with ideas buzzing around like Mosquitos on a car. (e.g. "So many songs, so little time")

Stage Three: The decision is made. And it is the best, most fantastic decision ever! (e.g. "I will survive!")

Stage Four: Practice. Practice. Practice. (e.g. "It's ok, I still have lots of time.")

Stage Five: Practice, Practice. Practice (e.g. "This is getting worse, not better.")

Stage Six: Practice, Practice, Practice (e.g. "Why did I ever think I could do this.")

Stage Seven: I can't. I don't want to. I give up. (e.g. MELTDOWN)

Stage Eight: The Performance (e.g. "That wasn't so bad. Maybe I'll do this again some time.")

All I can say is it's a good thing my kids smile when they're nervous, and smile when they mess up, and smile when they grit they're teeth. Nobody would ever guess the tears that went into Bobo's Choir Solo. Love you Bobo.

Also, thanks to Bobo's brothers for helping out (Joe on Sax and Cameron on Trumpet). They did such a great job, as an encore they were asked to help the middle school jazz band at the St George Marathon. I wonder if the runners were going through the stages of performance anxiety during their 26.2 mile lap.