Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Celebrating our Independance

Happy Fourth of July!

Generally I am more timely in posting about the 4th. But this year, I was out there celebrating! Yes, instead of staying in town and passing time by blogging and such until the fireworks display and then wondering why I have a headache every Independence Day, the kids and I all made the big trek to Leeds (20 miles away) and participated in their annual 4th of July activities. We joined forces with the Welches and sang a 20 minute set of oldies but goodies. We were even brave enough to throw in extra instrumentation.

Bobo and Tessa played the cello and violin respectively. That was a fun switch-it-up

And I got to play the accordion. What's independence day for if not for being free to do what you want? I do feel bad that the instruments I love (e.g. organ, accordion) are not typically loved by everyone -- Just like "Jambalaya" is not loved by everyone. Anyway how fortunate am I to have friends and family who let me do what I want? :) I hope you noticed Joe on drums (which he says is where you put the people who can't play an instrument) Problem with Joe is he can play all of them, and sometimes you need somebody on percussion. -- And if you look a little closer, you can see Ben joining us on Bass Guitar (it's enough to make a momma's eyes well-up!) And check out Cameron (penny whistle, mandolin, and uke) And before I thank Jenna and Becky for setting this all up and being such fun to play with -- I need to point out Sam on banjo, with a disclaimer -- Hurry home, Macey! The kids are getting into all your stuff (your instruments at any rate.) And if you get home in the next three and 1/4 months, we'll even save a spot for you in the family band, 'cause there's always room for one more! Thank you Welch Family! That was the best 4th ever! Whoops, I almost forgot to mention Naji and Leah! They have so much fun playing together, we almost forget they're there! But then they are so cute, we remember them anyway.