Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Extended Family and Extended Family Band

I love my sister Annette. I love her family. I love her kids. It was heart-wrenching to embrace their sorrow at the loss of my nephew, Kurt. In the midst of the sorrow, however, was comfort. I was touched by the strength of her children and their love and support of one another. I was touched by the love Annette's siblings showed for her.

Life is rough. This is why Snoopy dances across this blog. Because life is rough, but as long as we can express ourselves -- we're ok. Life knocks us down, but if we can stand up dancing - we're ok. Life barrels over us, but if we can come up for air long enough to sing the blues, we're ok.

I've been taught that, in a performance, it's important to start  strong and nail the ending. With so much family together this weekend, we thought we might try another family band night, or as bobo coined it "extended family band". It was a "one-of" and we started most of our songs in chaos and ended with a whimper -- but somewhere in the middle we found harmony and joy. Isn't that just like life.