Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quarterly Blog

Apparently I am terrible at posting to this blog. And I have plenty for me to comment on. I still have three children at home. They continue to grow as musicians. My children away from home continue to grow as musicians. All of my children, except the youngest have studied music with Mr. Candland at Pine View high school (and middle school). In two years, Naji -- the youngest joins the Pine View Middle School orchestra, thus being the 7th and final Runs Through to have Mr. Candland. In other words, Mr. Candland will have taught a complete set. I feel like this will be the end of an era. My children, however, were quick to point out that another crop of Runs Through musicians is in the wings. Candland will only have to stay teaching another 13 or 14 years to meet up with Noah, who has already been taught to hold a bow.


After Bobo taught him the proper bow hold, which apparently he is a natural for, she and Sam jammed. Yep, Bobo does some improvisational stuff on her cello. Here is a video of them singing for Baby Noah!