Monday, April 23, 2012

Smooshy Trills

This semester, in addition to working on my non-legato articulation in my organ classes. I am also working on my smooshy trills. Apparently I start out ok, but then I get going too fast and my final notes loose all articulation and smash together. Smooshy. But isn't that how I live my life? This weekend was one of those smooshy trills. I raced to JoJo's band concert on Friday, got up before dawn on Saturday to practice and study before I had to pick up my vegetables and haul off the last of the caterpillar branches, study some more, then off to a fund raising fashion show, then race back to meet Joseph and Naji at the student powwow -- leave a little early so we can make it to Joe's orchestra concert. Go to bed, get up before dawn to practice and study, go to church, study, then go to Joseph's ensemble concert. Trust me. There will be more video to come. Let's start with the powwow and Naji. :)

 Also thanks to Charity for taking pics of Naji today. They were for her photography class. Man did we luck out that she picked Naji for her historic picture homages!


  1. I liked the smooshy trills analogy. Naji is a great dancer, and he also makes a wonderful waif! Very cool pictures.