Monday, April 16, 2012


quotidien m (f quotidienne, m plural quotidiens, f plural quotidiennes) Daily, everyday.

My sister Judy blogs about her everday activities. Of course I feel some of that sibling envy as I read about her fixing up her house or yard. I know I need to do yard work. I jumped on the weeds in the front yard early this year. My yard is the bus stop after all. We spent an entire Saturday getting weeds out of my lovely landscape rocks so the elementary kids could have a nice place to wait. And then it rained and rained and now I have 3 times as many weeds as I had in the first place. But the weeds had to take a back seat to my caterpillar problem. My 30 foot cottonwood has been infested with tent caterpillar and all their gross nests and bleck, bleck, caterpillar poo in my driveway and a caterpillar in my hair. I'd had enough

Saturday morning,a couple of the boys and I went to Home Depot and bought instruments of destruction and protection and we went to war. We pruned the tree and cut down every nest our 15 foot pruner and six foot ladder could reach. We were blessed with a cool and rainy day. The caterpillars didn't know what hit them.

 I'd like to say, "Welcome to my quotidien blog post." But pruning a tree on a Saturday still doesn't make yard work an everyday occurrence especially when I can point to Cameron and Joe's recital performances and another Southwest Fretted Strings performance at a music fireside last night. I guess I still know where my priorities are.


  1. Ugh! All I can say is your front yard looks better than mine. Even with the caterpillars.

    My city says that I have to have at least 50% plant life in my front yard, otherwise I would rock it up. Instead I have brown ground with a couple of bunches of crab grass and alot creeping charlie. And that is after Barbara gave us 85 pieces of sod in 2009!

    Keeping a nice lawn seems to be an unrealistic goal with what little moisture we get every year, so why do people do it?

    Did you know that the history of 'lawn' is not very old? People did not really have lawn as we know it until right after WWII.

    I can see having fields of grass in places that get a lot of water, but why would communities force residents to plant sod in the American west?

    Can you tell I have spent a lot of time thinking about this issue?

  2. it looks like a hazardous waste team at work in your front yard! The yellow jackets make it all look very official! I hope you solved the caterpillar problem! If you had nickel for every recital you'd accompanied you'd be rich by now! You really get the workout on the piano! Go Joan! I like the word quotidian!