Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Way

Sammy called me from Alaska last night. He arrived safe and sound and said the weather is beautiful. Well that's just great cause it is snowing in Saint George!

Here is his farewell to sunny St George video.


  1. Snow in St. George! What next? I hear there is a big Northern Lights show tonight. I hope Sam gets to see it!

  2. It's nice that St George see snow from time to time. it was 70 in Denver on Tuesday, but yesterday we got a skiff of snow.
    I asked my pal, Debbie, if she would like a painting of cats, as she is a cat collector. She said she would rather have a picture of the Northern Lights.

    It's nice to blog about my painting endeavors, but after a while it kind of takes over everything else and it's all I think about anymore, but then again the stuff I use to obsess about was pretty boring.