Monday, May 23, 2011

What were you doing in the 7th Grade?

What were you doing in the 7th Grade. I may have looked like this. But I am more likely thinking "This is me in 9th Grade Baby" -- which is a great Bare Naked Ladies song (btw).

I could play the piano. Obviously, I could play the piano. I'm pretty sure I was playing the organ in church (under my mother's watchful -- very birdlike eye). But could I get up in front of the whole student body and sing -- just me and my little ukulele? I don't recall being that brave.

Bobo, on the other hand, is brave. She paints a smile on her face and nobody would ever think that she had worries or has nerves or doubts or lack of support. I sure hope she was singing this song to me -- cause I'd like to be her favorite -- her favorite mom!

Love you Bobo!


  1. Of course you are her favorite! This week Amanda thanked me for making he play the piano. I hope Bobo thanks you for making her play the ukulele too! It was great! I especially enjoyed hearing the student body cheer her on. Maybe she is their favorite!

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  3. Well done, Bobo! Your band mates are all very proud of you. :) Tessa commented on your bravery at singing in front of such a big audience. The last time I heard you sing this song (live) it got stuck in my head for two days. Just now, I heard Tessa singing it in her room. Guess she will be the one to have it stuck in her head for the next two days! LOL (I deleted my earlier comment to fix a typo... didn't know it would leave a record of that. Oops!)