Monday, May 30, 2011

Making the Most of the Three Day Weekend

Ok. I did Sam's grosso dishes. The ones he was supposed to do before he left for Montana. But -- and here's the big butt -- Bobo was supposed to help me make a music video since I did the dishes. MIII has been asking for more Bobo footage -- and I thought we'd get a cute little video together before he emailed home -- cause that's when he gets the chance to check out the ol' blog page.

But no. Just as I predicted, because Bobo was so joyous and helpful yesterday, there was nothing left but blah for today. So, because I am an adult -- and I have too much going on in my brain to ever get "bored",  I decided to try my hand at another song.

I did cheat a little, cause I went through my (not-emo) poem book and chose one of my poems that I like and that nobody else seems too. This little "never wins an award poem" is apparently more meaningful to me than to readers.

I keep trying to capture the time I had three little babies who were trying to tell me we were about to drive through a rainbow, and before I could finish telling them the science behind why we will never be able to drive through a rainbow, we drove through the rainbow. And, cool, it was all sparkly and stuff. (Oh, yes. A couple of my kids have been know-it-alls since they were toddlers. Luckily I don't need to be eaten by pandas before I believe them.)

I really had to rework the poem before it fit as a lyric. The original poem is as follows.

The Way a Rainbow Moves

                        The way a rainbow moves
                        From place to place,
                        More logic than magic
                        Light refracts into space.

                        Three kids in a car
                        Believe we can drive right through
                        A rainbow of light fragile, sparkling, and new.
                        A belief so innocent and pure that magic overcomes logic,

                        And we do.

Here is the video of the song. They lyrics and chords follow.



  1. I saw a review in the paper the other day where the lead singer for Pearl Jam has a Uke CD out.

  2. @Ver He does. You can listen to Eddie Vedder's album "Ukulele Songs" on NPR's website