Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Write a Ukulele Tune

Yesterday, I posted a song I wrote. I've actually written dozens of songs -- or a dozen songs. But those were just lyrics. Desert Willow was the first lyric I put a tune to (that's not strictly true either) So it's the first song I've put a tune to that I share with others. But, assuredly, it is my first ukulele tune.

What differentiates a ukulele tune from a song that can be played on guitar or banjo or mandolin? Ukulele Tunes include the word "ukulele". Yep. That's the kind of people we ukulele-ists are. We like to sing the word "ukulele".

Sure, I've written serious songs. Take for example the songs Joe sang at his Native Graduate Dinner. I've included the pdf's of these songs for your reading pleasure.

Rocky Point3

Grandpa's Words

While both of these songs can be played on the ukulele. Neither, in fact is a ukulele song. A ukulele song incorporates the word "ukulele" into its lyrics, as demostrated by these two videos.

Well I've got to run now and see my own little doe-eyed baby sing and play her ukulele at the Fossil Ridge Intermediate School Talent Show. Hopefully, they'll be more video to come :) But just to get us in the mood, here is the song she'll be covering.


  1. So, a ukulele song is one that has the word ukulele in it! That's a fun distinction! I see from the videos that the uke is enjoying tremendous popularity now! I'm glad I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

  2. I just gotta start playing the Uke. What a great sound on those videos. Love, love, love it. Summer is coming. I smell mowed grass and see a Uke in my future.