Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Concert Season is Winding to a Close

I have two concerts left until the end of the school year (which is in a week). Joseph (aka Jack) has a band concert tomorrow -- which will be today in an hour. And Bobo (aka Tashiya) has a talent show on Monday. She will be singing a song and playing her ukulele -- I look forward to getting footage of that. (For those of you in the band -- No. She will NOT be wearing her steampunk goggles.)

End of year concerts are sad. I feel for the teachers. They've brought these kids soooo far. And then it's time to say goodbye and start all over again. The Pineview Orchestra has been outstanding this year. They are going on to compete at the State Level. (They play Salem, UT this Friday). I worry -- what will happen next year when all of the star seniors are gone. But then I remind myself it is time to let someone else shine.

Bobo loved the orchestra concert. Her favorite song was the Ping Pong song. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to record all of it -- but here's a taste (It's with the Middle School and High School combined orchestra)

Jojo (excuse me, Jack) got to play a clarinet concerto in the extended Saint-Saens stuff. It's always nice to see your kids featured, no matter the silliness. Although, I think if he's going to wear a tux, he should go by Joseph. Jack, Just tell your teachers, "I'm Joseph in a tux."

And then the redeeming finale to Saint-Saens ode to the animal kingdom, Carnival of the Animals. I know I've posted it before, but Joseph in a Tux totally nailed the clarinet solo. It is so cool to track the improvement of a school orchestra. Note how confident and assertive the violinists are. Majestic.


  1. As a string player I always hated it that the band kids got great solos in our concerts all the time. This was especially annoying when the did badly. It ruined the song we had worked so hard on. But, when they did well and enhanced the music it was terrific. Joe, Jack, Jojo and Joseph were all terrific! I can see the orchestra will miss him next year!

  2. P.S. If you squint real hard on the Ping Pong song, you can see "Joseph in a Tux" playing the double bass.

  3. Hey - I forgot to tell you I got a few decent shots of Joseph in a Tux the other night... none of my own kid (he was hidden in the midst of the strings) but since Joe was straight ahead I figured I should use the camera for SOMETHING :)

  4. @TisforTonya That is awesome. Joseph in a Tux is a very hard bird to get a decent shot of (he's camera shy, something about not want to lose what little soul he has left.)

  5. I can'f find the sound on my home compter and I have taken a couple days off. I plan on listening when I get back to work.