Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holding Hands

When I was in elementary school, I had a very best friend. We had two things in common. Number one, we lived right next to each other; and number two, we both liked horses. Other than that we were fairly different. I found joy in practicing the piano and she found joy in running. She was fast -- she was the fastest kid at school. In a foot race, she could even beat the boys.

We walked home from school together, but a lot of the time she wanted to run. I told her I couldn't run. Even if I did run, I ran slow. One day she told me, take my hand and we'll run home together. I never ran so fast in all my life. It was as if she transferred all her powers to me through her hand.

Sometimes I think music is like that. I preach a lot that music is a skill, not a talent -- that anyone can develop a level of proficiency, if they want to. But that's not exactly the truth. That belief has two addendums. First, some people are blessed with a propensity. Some people have beautiful voices and some people have interesting voices while other people have mousey brown voices. Second, is the want clause. Not every one wants to develop a musical skill -- others are blessed with a burning desire.

The burning desire and the gifted propensity don't always coincide, but it can be magical when they do. For my part I am just grateful that I have friends who will grab my hand and pull me along at lightening speed.


  1. Some one must be holding your literary hand beause, your essay is absolutely inspiring.

  2. I think you are doing the hand grabbing! You have the burning desire. That provides the opportunity for those with the natural talent. I've decided that burning desire is my greatest talent. I would have been happy with a great voice, but I'm also happy with what I have!

  3. How fun! I didn't know you were playing the accordion! I see the man next to the accordion is loving his shakers!

  4. Yeah, in an effort to involve the audience members, we passed out percussion instruments. It was fun to have them join in, but they overwhelmed the camera at times -- oh well, I always think music is more enjoyable when everybody helps out.

    The audience was great -- they even yelled for "Free Bird". Pretty cool for a rehabilitation center.

  5. I remember you playing with horses in the mud puddles and the gutters with Jeannie. You were so adorable!