Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Peak Into the Future and a Blast From the Past

I am almost over (freaking) whelmed with practice now. We've spent the entire Thanksgiving Vacation and then some practicing. This Friday is Doomsday (or D-Day if you will). Jojo has his major student recital at the college. And what I want to know is why clarinet accompaniment music is always as difficult as the clarinet "solo" material. We also have the ward Christmas Party where we are all in the "River Ridge Jazz Ensemble" (Cameron also has a student recital coming up -- thank goodness that isn't until next week.)
Last week when Jojo and I played together at his clarinet lesson, I was sure his teacher was going to pull him aside and suggest that he fire his mother (much like Judea's Eagle Brother Wayne Newton fired his brother). But the teacher didn't. Instead he recorded the practice session and posted it to YouTube. As luck would have it, I have now posted it here. (p.s. Practice Room Pianos are the worst!)

And for the blast from the past -- practicing for the Ward Christmas Party has got me all nostalgic for when my kids were little and we played for the Christmas Party. I have a clip of that as well -- and while it isn't very good, I do treasure it especially now that the kids are older. I hope you can find something to enjoy in it -- A tiny Bobo singing and a baby Sam on Trumpet. Joe is on drums, Judea on Bass, and I'm on guitar because Macey had another concert to perform at that night. Hopefully, when I post this years concert you will see some musical growth.


  1. PS I just noticed Ben way to the left playing the old "pipe bells" :)

  2. holy trip down memory lane... great fun! SO many people in the audience I can't even put names to anymore :)

  3. My browser doesn't recognize the video format, hopefully I can watch when I get home. It is important to keep early playing sessions so you can see growth. That is why I blog my watercolor pieces.

    It is snowy, yckie here, you are lucky to be in a place that doesn't get much snow. The drive to work was the worse!

    UPS says I should get my Costco order today. I also order a bunch of art supplies from Cheap Joe's (North Carolina).

    You would think I would be able to get my art supplies in town, but even the two professional art stores in town (Guiry's and Meininger) don't have what I got online, not that I am not grateful that at least they have some supplies and I am not force to rely on Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

    I am awfully chatty today, don't know why...Maybe it's the snow.

  4. The clarinet concert was great. I felt your pain at the piano. I now have to pay people to accompany Amanda. Even practicing for years wouldn't get me up to snuff! You were always a fine pianist, so you can do it! Go Joan!