Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Lists

I have a couple of kids (the Oh-Oh's) who like to make lists of how many instruments they play. In this quasi competition, we have not only had to define "instrument" but also "play". Because, apparently, "play" can mean "picked up once and plunked out a tune."

But after tonight's concert, I am about ready to concede to one "Oh-Oh" that he can indeed "play" multiple instruments. I've looked forward to seeing him in the flute choir for a long time now. The flute is such a lovely, sensitive instrument that I was afraid he would feel like the ugly duckling surrounded by glorious swans. But amazingly he held his own. Then he went on to steal the show with his clarion soprano sax and his jiving alto sax. (Don't believe me -- watch the instant replays below.)

Jojo and the Flute Choir

Simple Gifts

When the Saints Go Marching In


  1. Loved Joe's sax solo! The arrangement made me smile from ear to ear. The low sax was also great fun! It was amazing to hear him play the flute as well. He is truly a multi-instrumentalist! So, what is the count?

  2. You have so much musical talent it your family. It is truly amazing. I loved your sparkly black t-shirt. It looked great on the video!