Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not So Lame

Hopefully, things are calming down a bit. Our "gig" for the Washington County School District Indian Parenting Action Committee (the WCSD IPAC) is now water under the bridge. And the thing I learned from this gig is that Ben is even shy as a camera man. He didn't start actually trying to frame the shot until the last song. So if you want to see Naji dancing (and not just sliding in and out of the frame) that's the video you should click on. (I realize he is dancing to a Girls Fancy Dance Song -- that's because he we are singing it for a girl who is out of frame. Naji is just dancing with her.)

The other, more important thing I learned from this gig is that I LOVE it when my kids work together. I love to see them enjoying one another's company. I guess I love the opportunities that we have to perform as a family because i truly believe it draws us closer together. Doing something is better than refusing to do anything just because you feel like you are not good enough -- because if we didn't do anything we wouldn't ever become "good enough".

I also love that my sister shares her family's talents with us. If you haven't heard her family sing you should check out her blog site (link in my blogroll to the right). But to hear how far her family has come is truly outstanding. Listen to their latest Christmas CD at It is the best yet!

I guess that's what comes from putting one foot in front of the other even when you feel like it is pointless because you can't see the final destination.

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  1. Wow! That was great. Naji's dancing was terrific. I also loved the drumming and the scream-singing. Is there any funner way to perform. I wish I had a cool drum like that!

    Thanks for the kind words. It has been fun to share music together. We're working on a jazz song. I might ask you for help on that.