Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bleh is for Bach and Blogging and Bringing my piano up to the mountains

Bleh. I need to blog. And the funny thing that I am noticing is that when I get lax on my blogging it is not because I am getting lax on my music. It is generally when I get so engrossed in my projects that even my lips fail to stay above water. 

I have such a craving for practicing right now that I actually schlepped my Yamaha Keyboard to a ski resort in Park City so I can practice in my motel room while I attend a week long forensics conference. The motel room is smaller than I anticipated, but I made room for the piano/organ. (I am determined to keep up with Joe and Cameron when they play their student recitals next month - at least I won't be holding them back.) And yes boys, if you are reading this, I totally got four hours of practice in today. An hour and a half on each of your pieces and an hour on my Bach organ stuff (minus the pedals) I haven't even touched the Christmas Jazz and Brubeck I brought up with me to learn.

Speaking of Christmas, I've been asked to get a jazz ensemble together for our Church Christmas Party. That is coming along nicely. (Think Vince Guaraldi) I am narrowing down the music. Watch for more posts on that. If anyone is interested -- I am still looking for a bass player and a drummer. Let me know if you know anyone in the greater STG area that is interested in playing in a Christmas Ensemble.

Speaking of Bach. The Bach festival is just around the corner (February). I have spent the last couple of weeks choosing songs for the organ and the Ukulele Orchestra. Oddly enough,one of the songs I picked I love so much it is stuck in my head day and night. I can't decide between playing it on the organ and playing with the ukulele orchestra so I am going to do both. I am posting all of the parts I have arranged so far. I would still like to add a glockenspiel part and a continuo basso or chord strum. Those of you insisting on playing on guitar, the notation is for you. Keep in mind that a baritone uke is a guitar minus the lower two strings.

All of you readers out there that want to join in the Southwest Phretted Philharmonic's triumphant return to the Bach Festival - Learn Your Parts. We could even revist the Bourree we did a couple of years ago and play that as well. I will post the parts for that on the Ukulele Page of this blog.

BMV 645 Ukulele

BMV 645 Ukulele 1 Notation

BMV 645 Ukulele 2

BMV 645 Ukulele 2 Notation

BMV 645 Baritone Ukulele

BMV 645 Baritone Ukulele

BMV 645 4-String Bass Guitar


  1. You are so ambitious! I wish I could be in your fretted Philharmonic. Maybe I should just fly out to see you perform at the festival!

  2. I can't believe how focus you stay! It is so easy for me to get waylaid.