Thursday, June 30, 2011

Music in the News

I was excited to see in the news last week that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir pulled off a flash mob activity. I love the concept of surprising people with good things. Life gives us way too many unhappy surprises, even without the influence of other people. The Tabernacle Choir is currently touring the Eastern seaboard. I missed my chance to see them this year (due to lack of liquidity). But how cool would that have been to be a tourist at Colonial Williamsburg when 300 members of your co-audience break out into song?

I hope a more polished video of this comes out. Part of the fun of watching a flash mob event is to see the reactions of the non-participants. For those of you not familiar with the flash mob phenomena I am including a post of one of my favorite flash mob videos below.

In other news, reader Ver shared with me a story of some singing Babushkas from Russia. Talk about your old lady band. The members in this group are in their 70's and 80's. It is nice to know that through all their hardships they have turned to music to lighten their load.

NPR's article on the singing Babushkas can be found here.


  1. I think I might be 'conditioned,' because the Mormon Tabernacle Choir still makes me cry. Thanks for uploading the Babushkas and getting my on foxfire, so I could actually hear them. They are pretty good.

  2. I had heard about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Williamsburg, but hadn't taken the time to look for it. That was fun. The Hallelujah chorus has been one of my favorite videos as well. I wish I were there. That makes me cry! And the Babushkas are so terrific. I wish I were one! What fun!

  3. Not to worry, Judy, both you and G-Bab are well on you way to become singing Babushkas. Babushka is sometimes translated to mean 'grandmother.'

  4. Loved the Babushka's! What fun:)