Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everyone! Sadly enough, I am celebrating the independence of my children today. 3/7 are gone. Mason is in Mexico. Sam is in San Antonio. And Joe is Jumping a Jet to Europe. It doesn't upset me to have them gone on the 4th of July. What does make me sad is that the 4th is so close to the 10th. Apparently they will also be missing my birthday.

Not to fear, however, Macey has sent me a video for my birthday and I will be posting it -- if the other two send me video songs for my birthday, I will post them as well (hint, hint).

What better way to celebrate my missing children then by singing the missing verses to Woodie Guthrie's classic "This Land is Your Land"?

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

(P.S. stay tuned to the end of the video for Bobo's animated candy explosion)


  1. That brought a smile to my face! I loved the candy fireworks. Thanks, Bobo! The kazoos were a great way to end the song. I was surprised about the extra verses. I can see why they're left off now! I'm glad you had a nice independence day!

  2. Your young birds are leaving the nest.