Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blow Up Your TV

Yeah! Here is my video response to Macey. This is how I raised my kids. I blew up the TV, Moved to the Country, Had a lot of children and raised them on Pizza -- I mean peaches. And Ben totally scammed me out of a slice. He was supposed to appear on camera, but something about a "tree in the way" kept him out of the shot. Apparently, he can't duck.

No matter. It was still a wonderful birthday, and I am still keeping all my kids. (At least all those who haven't flown the coop yet.)


  1. I remember this song--being the big John Denver Fan that I was. Great mix with you and Tashiba!
    Happy Birthday!! Hope it was sweet:)

  2. Love the song, love the singing and the creative video, love Bobo's new bangs and thought that Naji was quite entertaining there on the side. The song does lay out an effective plan for raising strong, independent kids. I'd say it's working well!

  3. Mason looks good, doesn't he? Looks like ya did "rasin' 'em" right. What more could you want for your B-Day?

  4. That was great! I had that song on my John Denver Album. Nice touch with the pizza! Do you and Bobo have matching dresses? How cute! She must love! I liked the tree behind you in the video, with its pretty blossoms. That was fun!