Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Morning Friday -- I hope you are good and awake!

The discussion on the anti-folk movement continues -- because the anti-folk movement is really about taking music back and embracing what the Smithsonian refers to as "folklife". Somewhere deep inside all of us lies our cultural memories and the sounds that touch our hearts.

I am thinking about you, NORWEGIA! Yes I know I've never been. But people I know have and are and were. There's a part of my heritagible soul that sours whenever I hear my favorite Norwegian Band -- So this one goes out to Barbara who has part of herself in Norway as well.

And since we're in Europe, lets swing by France for some good ol' French pop. After you are done checking out the great instrumentation, try to clap along. Me and the kids spent hours (I mean days) doing this -- which may explain why Judea is hobbling around on one lung.

Back to anti-folk, here is another one of my favorites -- sung by Macey

That was filmed at his "Not Farewell" house show -- but for those of you who want to see some good ol' Utah culture, here's another favorite :)

One of the nice things about this blog is that it gives me a reason to post videos on YouTube and I've created a pretty substantial playlist by now. It is comforting to me as I work and study to listen to my family and friend sing the soundtrack of our lives.

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