Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

St. George is HOT, HOT, HOT. So hot we held our last practice in Leeds which is cool, cool, cool -- and not just because of the temperature. I wish I had taken some pictures of the Old CCC Camp or the goats and the chickens. But I did get a couple videos of our practice.

A really easy song to teach beginning instrumentalists is America's "Horse With No Name." Like Jambalaya, it only has two chords. Unlike Jambalaya, however, the chords are incredibly easy on a variety of instruments. I've taught it to a lot of kids, mostly because it is an easy chord progression and lends it self well as a song where kids can focus on strumming over notes. But in the end, it is also a song I like to sing.

For those of you interested in trying it yourself, here are the tabs for ukulele and guitar. And if you scroll down a little bit further you can hear the Phretted Phillies' rendition. P.S. look how cute Jenna's pony tail looks all sketchy like.

Horse With No Name

We also worked on another one of my favorites "Spirit in the Sky". I get to play bass on that one which makes me look like I can play a bunch of different instruments, but most of the time I say, "Jenna, show me which notes to play." One thing about the bass, it makes you feel "cool" just playing it. I'm hoping to get a recording of Becky playing bass on "Last Kiss" (It has a much more difficult bass line)

I was going to leave with some cool jazz from Joe and Cameron -- just to keep us, you know cool -- but then I remembered it is Father's Day. I imagine Macey misses Father's Day here 'cause he won't get a Father's Day Primary gift from Naji. Naji totally gave his candy bar gift to Joe. I asked Naji if Joe was his new "Daddy." He said, "Yes, but only 'cause Sam is vegan and doesn't eat [milk] chocolate." takes a lot of sacrifice to be a dad, Sam.

In honor of Father's Day, I leave you with Macey singing a cover of Bad Religion's "Sorrow."


  1. I liked your sketchy video. I'm amazed at how the ladies strum together with the same pattern. How do you practice that? Who teaches it? We needs some of that!

  2. Haha, sketchy ponytail, loved it! And how do we practice that? It just kind of...happens? I must say Spirit in the the Sky looked awesome with our hands all in sync :)

  3. I to loved the sketchy video. Joan you look like I use to in Sketch. It is amazing your friends strum in unison.

  4. Hey, that sketchy effect is really awesome! I was fascinated to see us looking like cartoon figures. Yes, cartoon figures who can even strum in unison! When we were watching the video of Mason singing in a white church shirt, Tessa was surprised because she thought he was singing like that on his mission. :)

  5. Take a look at the picture Judy posted of me while she was here at the beginning of the month. Our contours still look a lot alike.

  6. @Ver You know I was already thinking that earlier when I saw Judy's posts. :)