Sunday, January 6, 2013

Make-Up Post, Macey

Yeah! Macey is home from his mission! He won't be home long. He and Jenna are tying the knot on February 16th and then on March 1 they are moving to China, where they both have teaching jobs waiting.

This year's new years eve talent show was spectacular. Macey and Sam played a awesome rendition of "Come Together" on guitar and banjo. I need to get that recorded before Mace takes off again.

Here is a song he is writing. He played it for Jenna's Mom shortly after returning home from Mexico.

He would have played it for Jenna -- but she is in China for another 10 days. Anyway, she is a long time subscriber to this blog, so she might get to catch this video before she boards that eternally long airplane flight home.

See ya soon Jenna

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  1. You will have to keep up with your posts so Mason and Jenna will be able to know what's going on at home.