Monday, December 19, 2011

A Merry Christmas Mega Post

It turns out I am related to Santa Claus. Who knew?

Maybe that's why we all get treated so much better than we deserve.

Not to complain about my children (who are absolutely wonderful) but sometimes when I as them to help with a video (like a birthday video for their brother in Mexico), they help a little bit and then they balk at the idea of being on camera. Then I ask myself, do I not know technology? And through the magic that is digital, I can "make" my kids sing and dance! So here is Macey's belated birthday video -- and timely Christmas Video:

Of course my kids may have an itty-bitty excuse for not being overly cooperative -- they have been overly busy this holiday season, which of course trickles down to me. I've had to do some fancy learning just to keep up with them. The following is a video of Cameron's technical and difficult trumpet recital piece. He held his nerves together much better than I did. What a fantastic musician!

Bobo had concerts in choir, orchestra, and band.

Her orchestra teacher always chooses a wide variety of pieces including some very cutting edge modern pieces. This one combines two of Bobo's loves: origami and music.

And Bobo totally nails her solo in Frosty the Snowman!

Speaking of solos, JoJo at long last got to combine two of his loves in one song -- Jazz and the Clarinet. Check out his solo in King Porter Stomp!

And Last but not Least, Naji has joined the holiday concert game. He has concerts in orchestra and choir. His choir concert is tonight (hopefully we will get footage of that) but to hold us over, here are two clips from his orchestra concert -- pretty good for only having played since September! Ahhhhh, maybe this is why Santa treats these kids so well!

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  1. Holidays are certainly keeping you busy, bet you will be glad when they are over and you can take time to smell the pomegranates.