Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Miracles

I have been dependent on Christmas Miracles for so long now, they are almost expected. I've seen some doosies. Somehow, every year I come up with the money to buy presents for my over-sized tribe. But this year I was resigned to not expect a miracle. No extra cash loomed on the horizon. In fact, to coin a nautical term, my morning skies were red ("Red Sky in Morning, Sailors take warning")

But I did not let that get me down, because this year I decided there would be no Christmas Miracle and that would be alright. In fact the true Christmas Miracle would be that even without the extra cash or presents Christmas is a magical time. I was determined to enjoy the holiday season, refuse to get stressed, and celebrate the joys of being surrounded by family and friends.

But it looks like I am going to have to put the "Miracle of no Christmas Miracle" Christmas off another year. I got an organ for Christmas. One with AGO pedals. One that I can practice Bach and Prelude and Hymns on every day of the year. But the circumstances through which I got the organ got me thinking.

As emotional as it was for me to finally get an organ (yes, tears were involved) I truly felt for the organist who had to let it go. It took her a couple of days, and some practicing, and some polishing, and some power naps before she could say goodbye. But it was at a time in her life when she needed to let it go -- and make a sacrifice for the Lord. Which leads me to think "For everything there is a time and a season under heaven." I am so thankful I still have time to practice and to learn and to indulge myself. And I am so thankful that the Lord giveth. And I pray that I will be as gracious and willing as those around me when the time comes for the Lord to take away.


  1. What a nice organ! Now you can practice at home. Where ever will you put it? Living room?

  2. Yep, right there in the living room Who needs a couch when you have a bench that big :)

  3. That is truly a Christmas miracle! What a beautiful picture of your organ with the tree. It is nice that the woman who gave it up also loved it. I am so happy you have full foot pedals to practice on. That is a wonderful thing! I have thought about the day I would give up my organ. It was built in 1953, the same year I was. I wonder if my children will be able to use it. It is not very valuable (from a monetary standpoint), but it has all the pedals and most of them work! I really appreciate having one in the home. When I come to one that doesn't play, I just sing it! I'm glad you have an organ now. You are truly more worth than I!