Sunday, April 10, 2011

Video of Joseph Playing with Himself and his Imaginary Friend

JoJo (aka Jack) was unhappy with my posting of a duet he played with himself. He said the audio recording was five years old and makes him sound like a newb. (To quote Weezy Waiter, "If you don't know what a newb is, your are also a newb")

Jack, with the assistance of his sister Judea -- who apparently is a wizard -- created a new video, which was so much fun, Jack's imaginary friend, "Cameron", joined in.

It just goes to show that teacher school is right about the "publication" step in the writing/creation process. When kids realize that what they do is going to be seen by others, they apply more effort.

And since I'm posting videos, I thought I would post Macey's birthday present to Bobo. He wrote her a song and sent her a video of him singing it to her.

Here are the lyrics if you'd like to follow along:

Song for a Meadow Lark

Hey little birdy I remember when you flew into my life on the day of 27 I didn´t then what I know now well I think I did I just didn´t know how. You changed my life with your song and light and you always help me remember what´s important in this life. Like doing our best everyday to try and save this place. Our home our family and our friends our world and our precious little space. Or listening oh so stilly to music, life and rain and helping all we know to calm and soothe their pain.

Chorus: So fly fly fly little bird up in the sky I´ll never be able to express how much you song lights up my life or how much that light has changed my heart. All I can do is write a song for a meadow lark.

Cause you´re nuthin but a sister but you´re more than a friend and that Panda on your back is the latest trend. Watching movies and playing video games or watchin cartoons all night you help me not feel quite so lame. I miss pickin you up everyday at 2 but soda and cheetos help me remember you and it may not be much but sometimes that´s all we´ve got like seven broken children in a van in a parking lot And I know that in this life we´ve been let down by more than a few but I swear on my life I´ll never grow out of you.

Chorus X 2

All I can do is write a song for my meadow lark.

Bobo's response was to write him a song right back (see above) and email it to him.

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  1. This is pretty amazing. It is one thing to lay down another track on a song, but to add another body to the video--that is very cool!

    I also thought Mason's song for Bobo was so great. She'll remember that longer than any physical present he could have given her.