Thursday, April 28, 2011

The trouble with raising musicians

Wow, If you haven't checked out Whistling Prairie's post of Jambalaya, you need to go there.

I've spent some time on my blog discussing the pro's of using music to raise a family. I mentioned that it is an excellent tool to teach family members to communicate, get along, work together as a team, and multi-task. Today I'd like to throw out a disclaimer.

If you instill in your children a love a music, at least one of them will get the idea that they should go on to study music in college and eventually pursue a career in music. Unfortunately, music is rarely a good career move. In fact, up until the 20th Century there was no money to be made. Traditionally music was a sponsored or patroned appointment with the rich patron controlling the musician's strings.

In the 20th Century, corporations (record companies) figured out how to make money in the music field. Record companies specialized in distribution and conditioning a public to like what they offered. This is waning. With the advent of the internet, distribution is no longer a problem -- and independent musician's are regaining control over their music while being satisfied with the lower income.

That said, I have a video here from Bobo about her new interest in biology. Jojo is playing the backing score.

I have a video of Sam in the Dixie College of Utah Guitar Ensemble playing a Bach piece that they should have played at the Bach Festival.

I have one last video, just because Joe (Jack) was so jealous of the dancing baby in The Black Eyed Susan video "Jambalaya" he insisted that I include this video where he inadvertantly filmed a random dancing baby.


  1. Go music and biology! Thanks Bobo. I love your video! Feel free to call/visit and we can talk biology.

  2. Loved Bobo's video. Sam's group will be ready for next year. Don't think Jojo's film qualifies as a 'dancing baby.' Maybe a small child enaged in balloon battle?

  3. @Ver re: small child engaged in balloon battle -- i have got to find me one of those dancing babies!

  4. They are probably pretty scarce.

  5. I loved Bobo's video, too. Go biologists! The guitar ensemble was great. Your dancing baby was but a mere imitation!