Monday, April 4, 2011

Power to the people

My boss was disappointed that he didn't get to see me playing the organ on campus Thursday night. I told him not to worry as I was playing again Saturday at the Tabernacle.

His eyes went as big as saucers for one brief moment before he said, "Oh, the St George Tabernacle. -- I was going to be impressed if it was the SLC Tabernacle on conference weekend."

We laughed and laughed.

Anyway, here I am playing at the St George Tabernacle, which has a wonderful pipe organ. It made an impression on JoJo (Jack) who said, "Why don't more people learn to play the organ -- that is a really cool historic instrument."

The Southwest Fretted Strings also played on Saturday.

The Bach Festival people are amazing. They were so very kind to us even though we were sharing the stage with the likes of the Southwest Symphony Strings and Choral. I am posting the first movement of the contata they did. The best part of participating in the Bach festival is experiencing the music.

It is part of my soap box belief that music belongs to the people and not to an "elite few". It's important that we all make a noise in this world. So to see community members pull together and take time away from raising their families and eeking out their livings to create such beautiful music -- that is something I want my family to witness.

And after watching that, I hope you are all jealous that you don't live in Sunny St George! But if that's not enough to convince you -- the Bach Festival runs for five days.

I went to the Trinity Lutheran church Sunday night to check out day four. Joe (I mean Jack) and I went specifically to check out the woodwind quintet and they did not disappoint. Below is their rendition of a four part fugue (in G minor) played by five instruments.


  1. I listened to parts of your Organ prelude and the fretted strings and they sounded great. But my DSL is not fast enough so I will listen to the rest at work tomorrow. I got an email today stating I had worked of KP for 25 years and there would be a celebration (cake and maybe ice cream) tomorrow. 25 years, it doesn't seem that long. Your kids aren't even that old. Do your kids know about Jon's cocker spaniel?

  2. I couldn't enjoy listening to your Prelude and Fugue because my heart starting beating so rapidly. I played it for a recital once, and my body hasn't gotten over the fear of it! It was just in my kids' piano teacher's basement and there were only 30 people! You are so brave! I admire you for playing it in front of all those people! Secondly, I quit after ONE movement. You are the best! I admire you so much for getting out in the community! You're a wonderful example to me as well as your children!

  3. The only thing my kids know about Jon's dog is that his name was JoJo and now we call Joseph JoJo and uncle Jon did the whole line from Indiana Jones where he says, "We named the dog Indiana" but uncle Jon said, "We named the dog JoJo."

    Also, when I was at BYU I had a cat named Samson who we ended up calling Sammy. And now I call my son sammy, so I guess we like the names we like. Only Sammy likes dogs (or claims to) and JoJo likes cats.

  4. @Judy Sometimes I worry that I am like Mary Bennett and somebody is going to tell me to let the other ladies exhibit. But playing for these things gives me a reason to practice. It also gets me out of the housevand connects me with others. Mostly people are kind and encouraging even though I am no where near their level. However, with the organ, there are so few people who play, it is important to encourage every one...besides, people who don't play are always impressed.

    @Verl I forgot to say congratulation! Eat some cake for me...I wish I could find a job I could stick with.

  5. My first cat I named Kate, my second cat I named Alex. I had both cats before David had kids. What does that say?

  6. Organ music is music for the soul. You sounded so amazing.

  7. Your fretted strings group is playing a Suzuki song. As a Suzuki violin parent, I believe that we practiced that one for about a bazillion times.