Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sam he am - Standing Rock Edition

This is Sam. Sam he am.

That Sam he am, that Sam he am - he grew up quick to be a man.

He's a father now, with his own family tree

He dances with his kids at the wacipi
He's got a wife to complete his life, but deep down inside he feels anger and strife.

It's worser now that he's a dad cause he wants for his kids better
things than he had. 
He wants his boys to have a say, like clean water and air wherever they play. 
He wants them to be able to wear their hair long and not be told their way of thinking is wrong. 

Sam wants for his boys to inherit an earth that's not worse off than it was at their birth.

His boys are more than a cartooned mascot. They're worth more
than that NFL jersey you bought. 

They are worth clean water and promises kept. When he told me this, Sammy wept.

Sam used to be a rebel in search of a cause. Now he's a dad. He's Santa Claus.

But he's more than that. 

It gnaws at his heart to leave others to fight
a fight that protects everyone's right

And so Sam knows
its time to stand in the snow
with frozen toes

and make some noise.


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