Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Delight Song For Naji Haska Oha Iyage

He is
A shimmer of water on a cold mountain stream
The golden leaf of winter refusing to fall
A sunburst of light through dark thunderous clouds
A flat pebble skipping, skipping, skipping 'cross
the still mountain lake
The red earth drenched in a rare summer's rain
A breeze of sweet grass blowing in from the east
The greasy yellow of pony beads, the cheyenne pink of shells
A shaking of bells and twirling of shawls
The crackle and leaping of a flame from a fire
A plume of smoke curling upward from sage
He is the searching, searching, searching of
the skyward eagle's eye
The watery path of a loon lit by the sun
A mountain in the north, snow capped and tall
A quaking aspen in a forest of lodge pole pine
He is a dream and a waking a future and a past

You see, he is a son and a brother, an anchor to his kin
He stands tall in his spirit
He stands tall in his pride
He stands tall with his family
He stands tall in his life
You see, He is a son and a brother, an anchor to his kin

Happy Birthday Naji! (Nope, you're not even half-way done)

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