Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holy Cow! February is Short!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since the last time I posted. I am going to blame it on February since it is such a short month, but I don't really believe that has anything to do with it.

I am finding that I like posting videos of performances since it gives us a way to track progress - so look forward to seeing a Naji video really soon. His orchestra has come a long way since August. He, as a musician, has come a long way, and I have finally found a way for him to play with the family (Yep, I got some new books called "Fiddler's Philharmonic" and I love them.)

But the new addition of orchestra instrumentation has not stopped the expression of band instruments at our house. Sure, Bobo's learning to play the cello has had some wonderful side effects. She now reads the bass clef well. This helps her play the piano and has helped her transfer her trumpet skills to trombone. Unfortunately, the more she loves the cello (she was made first chair this semester) the more she wines about the trombone (she is playing trombone with the school band now as they only have one other trombonist).

Anyway, long story short - in honor of February - I am posting videos of our jazz band playing at Sterling Court (an assisted living residence). Look forward to future posts including Naji (see above), the Dixie College Orchestra, and things I've learned in Organ Lessons.

PS - The Line Up
Runs Throughs:
Joan - Keyboards
Joseph - Tenor Sax
Bobo - Trombone
Sam - Bass
Cameron - Trombone
Mike - Trumpet
Logan - Trumpet
Connor - Alto Sax
Jon - Guitar


  1. You have your own jazz band! Amazing! Good job. I didn't know you were taking organ lessons. That is great! I'll listen to the smooth sounds of the (insert real name here) Jazz band as I work in Photoshop. I'm glad you finally blogged again. I miss it when you go silent! I can't believe Bobo is first chair! What a genius! I used Fiddler's Philharmonic a lot in the early years. We, also loved it!

  2. I blog so I can keep track of my progress too, and I did see improvement at the beginning. Unfortunately, I now seem to be documenting my lack of progress. You kids are young I am sure you won't have that issue.