Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A scroll down memory lane

While writing the last couple of posts, I noticed the blog has had over 8,000 views in its lifetime. Wow, that's a lot of family and friends.

 I started scrolling through my posts, and I realized: this has been a great way to document my kids. This is especially meaningful this Christmas as I realize the only toys I will be buying are for my grandson. But it is great to scroll through the past and remember how cute my kids were, once upon a time.

I shared this with a couple of my grown kids this morning. We scrolled through the blog, stopping here and there to watch videos of them when they were young. We stopped on a video I posted November 30, 2011 entitled "A peak into the future and a blast from the past." This had one of the earliest videos I have of me and the kids performing (it was probably from 12/05). We were pointing out who was who and who was playing what, when Ben asked "who's that guy playing with us?", "What guy," I said. "That's me." I love that video. It was taken a few months after I started the divorce diet. I am the skinniest I've ever been.

"You look like the dude from Guns and Roses."

Hmmmm. I am going to sit here, eat my Christmas BonBons and contemplate how right he is. :(  -- its just 'cause I'm holding a guitar right?

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