Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pioneer Day

I haven't posted anything since May! Wow, a lot has happened since then. I'm a master now. :) You can call my Master Joan. I was feeling such a relief from having completed all of my schooling (for now) that I threw a party on Pioneer Day. I LOVE Pioneer Day! My only regret is that I was so busy preparing for my party that I missed the big Pioneer Day Parade. But to make up for it, the kids and I dressed up. We didn't record any video, because one of the reasons we were throwing a party was to make Joseph a live cd (ok digital recording for his mp3 player).

The other reason was to raise our voices and celebrate all that our relations past and present have done for us. If the pioneers could only see the luxury we live in: our three bedroom house, our air conditioner, our cars, our appliances, our electronics, they would think we were the richest people around (another reason I love my pioneer ancestors).

So the following are (rather than moving pictures) photographs and memories and mp3s. I hope you enjoy. We did :)


  1. Glad that you are having a break from school. What a great way to celebrate all of those that came before us! I was reading an article this morning about how white folks have no black friends. According to the article, white folks are friends with Asians and Hispanics, but not blacks. It got me the thinking, do you think our ancestors ever owned slaves, or were slaves themselves. What would it feel like to be a slave? Sometimes it feels like we (Americans living now) have won the life lottery.

  2. I loved the music! I loved the arrangements of the hymns. I need to get a copy of those! What a nice gift for Joe. Verlene says we must have won the lottery to live today. I agree, but it also would have been nice to be born in any era in which you could sit around on the front porch making music with your kith and kin! I'm glad we can still do it today! It is so nice your family is willing and able to do it with you!