Monday, September 5, 2011

This Week, Last Week's Photo's

Naji on Carousel

Naji at waterpark

Naji finally smiling
Bobo's new grey contacts
I knew even when I wrote last week's post that it needed photo's. But that is one of the write blockers -- waiting until all conditions are met before posting. So this week is going to be mostly pictures with no text and then hopefully by next week, my narration and visualization will be back in sync.
Last week I talked about practicing, but as you can see below -- it's not all practice. Notice, however, there isn't much difference between the practice faces and the fun faces.
Bobo on Carousel
Bobo With Cello
JoJo with Tenor Sax (notice it's much bigger than his beloved alto sax)
Naji with viola
Bobo finally smiling


  1. Those are great pictures! The carousel is so colorful, and the musical instruments are so perfect!

  2. Great pictures. I like going back on my blog and looking at the pictures I took a couple of years ago. It brings back pleasant memories, even if it took concentrated effort to post.